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Mindset, Skillset, Toolset - The Backbone of Continuous Quality and Test Automation - Bandung, Indonesia

  • Bandung Indonesia (map)

Continuous testing along with fast and frequent feedback is one of the cornerstones for agile software development. A highly reliable and scalable approach to test automation is required in order to fully utilise the power of agile.

While most organisations understand the need for test automation, they focus primarily on tools. Michael Palotas and Francois Reynaud will showcase how mindset and skillset within the organization are equally important and how they need to go hand in hand with technology and tools in order to make test automation successful.

Testing and test automation need to be an integral part of software development and should not be treated as a separate activity. With that, the required skill set of developers and testers changes and there is a need for either side to much better understand each other. Furthermore the toolsets also need to provide for an easy integration into the development and technology stack rather than operating monolithic test automation tools.

Michael and Francois will share their vast experience from their time at eBay and their work with clients around the globe. They will illustrate how pragmatic approaches to continuous quality, can unleash the full power of agile software development.